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    I'm Ibtissam - my name means Smile in Arabic and it does define me pretty well. I'm a twenty-two-year-old Moroccan/French girl and I'm interested in anything and everything. I was born in France and studied in France and still live there but I figured than a bilingual blog would allow anyone to understand and discover what I have to show and review - I feel there's nothing worse than seeing an amazing review and pics and not being able to understand it (or half-understand it with Google). What I am to do with Tissam Est La is share as much makeup as possible with you - mostly affordable or lesser known makeup brands, always awesome, always pigmented, always longlasting. Or at least I'll try.

    I'm still wondering what I could do with my life but I'm sure to keep writing and blogging and writing for as long as I am able to.

    I love makeup because of its colors, textures and about all the art you can create by its means - it's a way of expressing oneself that I admire. I have about a hundred eyeshadow palettes and not far from three hundred lippies but my newfound passion of the end of 2016 is highlighters, any colored highlighter - nothing better than an on-fleek glow. I'm crazy about blue and green highlighters lately - how weird and creative can that be. I am crazy about mauve or greige or ultra dark lips, velvety lips are my fave finish.
    I couldn't tell you what my favorite makeup brands are but be sure to count Pierre René Professional, Neve Cosmetics, Nabla Cosmetics, Zoeva and many more in. Didn't know of these brands yet ? Well, stay tuned for these and more ;)

    I'm a big fan of dystopias, fantasy and fantastic books and movies and TV Shows. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner... I'm a big fan of all these and always looking for more stories of the kind !
    I'm in love with smart, humane TV shows like Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Humans, This is Us... and with comedies too - I don't think you'll ever see me watching a horror show or movie.

    I've visited the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios twice in my life and I've loved it there. I love London and I would love to travel around the world in England, South Korea, Japan, the USA and also the Northern countries like Sweden or Denmark, the Netherlands or Norway. There's something fascinating about these countries. I'm crazy about languages and if I could, I'd learn them all.

    By the way, I am crazy about Avicii - he's one of my favorite musicians and his creations and awesome - my favorite song of his would be Somewhere in Stockholm.

    I would love to say that Tissam Est La is only focusing on makeup but I feel it's better to share everything I love here with you so you'll also be treated with restaurant reviews everywhere I go (if I have the money to afford eating at a restaurant !), street art, book and movie and tv show reviews, bodycare, candles... I wish you learn something on my blog today - do leave one or two comments to tell me what you thought of my work !

    If you wish to contact me, here are the places I'm mostly active :
    - Email : tissamazami@gmail.com
    - Facebook : Tissam Est La
    - Instagram : tissam_est_la

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