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    Before every sales period begins, I tell myself that I will not buy too many things, now will I ? By the end of every sales period, I am broke and my banker is mad at me. This year I really intended to limit myself. But then Kiko Milano had this huge sale where they seemed to discount every single thing I ever wanted to buy in their store without ever doing so. Until the 2016 Winter sales, all I had from Kiko was a single eyeshadow. Let's say I have a bit more now.

    That's a promise I made : I will share with you all the beautiful clothes and makeup I have bought during the sales. There are not that many things but I am waiting for the last week of sales at least, just in case some more products slip into my hands and in my online shopping cart.

    For the moment, let us admire the 3 eyeliners I have bought from the limited edition Rebel Romantic (what a wonderful name, what with Valentine's Day just two weeks away !) : the Liquide Intense eyeliners. A subscriber of mine had advised me to try them out and I followed her advice. How right I was.

    Only 3 colors were available on the website : 01 Brown, 02 Purple and 03 Blue, each at €3.40 instead of €6.90 for 3.5mL ($4.90 on Kiko US). Pretty basic names that do not consider the exact shade of each. According to Kiko, they are "bold-colored eyeliners with a shiny finish".

    Swatches of the eyeliners (wet on the left and dry on the right):
    #01 Brown is the color I love the least at first sight. On my brown eyes it may know look so good but it does hold as long and well as the other two.
    #02 Purple has the same metallic finish as the others. The plum color makes my eyes look so beautiful, it holds very well and I love this kind of purple black color !
    #03 Blue is a metallic navy blue. Outstanding. The plum one and the navy one are my favorite, they're so chic and wearable during daytime. I'm in love.

    You can easily recognize each eyeliner according to the color printed on the bottle. The packaging is as sober as one could expect from Kiko's cosmetics.

    The eyeliners are felt tip liners and those are the ones I like the most. Some may find them less precise than brushes but I think you can quickly learn how to draw liner strokes on your eyes with them. The goal is to have a beautiful result in a short time, isn't it ?

    Below, I am wearing the 02 Purple eyeliner which metallic effect is wonderful. On my light skin, it really stands out and I guess it would bring to light every eye color. It holds all day long even when you're on the run, and it doesn't run ! I have swatched them on my hands and even though I washed them, they held on for two days. I could have scrubbed a little harder but I like to act as if I was removing the makeup from my eyes and I'm kind of gentle when I do that.

    After I was done applying the liner I wanted to try something out : since I had this plum eyeliner, I tried applying a yellow eyeshadow as a blush, just for the heck of it (picture below).

    I took a matte fluo yellow from Coastal Scents (I'll write an article about the Hot Pots I bought during the Black Friday sale very soon !) but it wasn't that pretty (I wanted to be able to wear it outside !) so I took a matte purple CS eyeshadow and blended them together. You can still see a bit of yellow but I think that mixed together, they look pretty great and discreet. 

    You can find coral blushes, peach or pink blushes, why not try mixing other colors to match the blush with our lips makeup or with our eyes ? That's artistic, daring and it can still look very great outside !

    Have you ever tried those eyeliners ? What do you think of them ? What are your favorite eyeliners ?

    Tissam ♥

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    1. Effectivement ils sont très intenses! Et très beaux :)

      1. Je suis tellement d'accord avec toi ! :D Coup de coeur ! Et en plus quand ils sont en soldes... ;)