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    One of my passions is street art. I'm not talking about myself as a street artist. I love finding any art form when I'm taking a walk. Small stickers that make you think, society critics on the wall in the shape of a drawing. That can be the buried bike in the Parc de la Villette (Paris, France) or bikes that are set on buildings in Montpellier. It can also be mere symbols and aerosol sprayed drawings. I am a big fan of the Deviantart website. You can find art anywhere if you just open up your eyes.

    Here are the pictures of any street art I've been able to see in Lyon. There are not many pictures but I've taken the most interesting things I could see. 

    Enjoy !

    Looks like a cherry tree blossoming with three gymnasts. Cute and weird pic !

    This is so smart. It's written "Beard and peace" instead of War and Peace, the famous novel from Tolstoy, who is the man in the picture. Wonderful. I'm clapping my hands here.  

    Those penguins remind me strongly of Mary Poppins, what with the first one at the top carrying an umbrella.

    This is supposed to be two angels before a drink. Kind of an interesting image that I found while walking down the Croix-Rousse.

    This Coopérative du Zèbre is actually a place where you can meet and spend some time and share some activities when you're in Lyon.

    I found this drawing super cute. Or maybe it's a collage ? I see a cat with an Indian headband looking down at a mouse wearing an Occidental hat. Is this a critic of society ?

    I do not know why there are so many faces. I think that's the same man. Just above, there's this cute green flower on a red background I've zoomed on : you can se it below !

    I love this kind of message : "The world is yours". I'm under the impression that several faces are coming out from inside the shoe. To be honest I do not understand this drawing but it's fun so I thought I'd share !

    That's it for today ! I hope you guys enjoyed that, let me know in the comments. Some days from now I'll probably publish some pics of the places I've been in Lyon. Every time I leave Troyes, I will try and publish some articles about interesting things I've seen or cool places I've been to (even and above all restaurants hehe !).
    Are you a fan of street art ?

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