• No matter how many eyeshadow palettes UD, Too Faced and MUFE release, there's nothing more enjoyable than the discovery of a super pigmented palette that costs just over a lunch menu to go. Like the FashionistA or the Vivien Kondor eyeshadow palettes. I am a huge eyeshadow palette lover but my collection was born from scratches like many of you. My first ones were from the I-Divine range from Sleek MakeUp.

    Up to this day I have gotten 5 or 6 Sleek palettes and the Original one is still one of my favorites in my (very large) collection. The choice of colors is interesting as is the undeniable quality of the eyeshadows. You can do quite anything with them from a nude and light makeup to a bright or smokey eye look.

    The Original Palette ? That's the one you need if you love shimmery or metallic eyeshadows, bright and soft colors.

    The box is identical from one Sleek palette to another. A small flat matte black palette with the name of the brand on top. The rear bears the name and the number of the palette.

    It costs €9.99 as do all of the Sleek palettes. That's the price you can get if you buy it off the Internet, I have gotten mine from Ebay with free shipping. If you buy it from an afro store they might charge more. I know there's a store in town where it costs almost €13.

    It includes a mirror that takes up the entire inside of the lid and while many might appreciate it, I don't. I'd rather have a mirrorless palette because I find them more convenient to use and to photograph. It also comes with a foam tipped brush that can be very useful given how the majority of the eyeshadows seem to be pressed pigments.

    If you're a matte eyeshadow lover you might be a tad disappointed for only the black eyeshadow is matte. To be honest it's a really good matte black. The rest is ultra shimmery or metallic, the eyeshadows are really beautiful and bright.
    I love how the eyeshadows bear London-themed names such as Royal, London Rain, Black Cab or Hyde Park. Any mention of London brings joy to my heart : I love this city.


    Black Cab : matte black eyeshadows are often poorly pigmented but those are above average. In case you didn't know, there's a matte black eyeshadow in quite all of Sleek palettes. I prefer using this one wet so the pigmentation is even better.
    Royal : it's a bright shimmery cool-toned purple which pigmentation is awesome be it dry or wet.
    London Rain : that's one of my favorite eyeshadows. It's bright yet soft, a vibrant navy blue which you can use for a smokey eye or even as just an eye liner.
    The Thames : a very pigmented cold blue, I find the comparison to the water excellent.
    E10 : a wonderful teal color, between blue and green
    Hyde Park : a medium green that reminds me of the spring, the comparison with the park is really good !


    Cream Tea is a very buttery golden beige that I love using as a highlighter.
    London Eye is a light gold pink, warm toned.
    Big Ben is a cool toned pink that I would love using with a dark grey such as Dagger from the Naked Smoky palette.
    Penny Farthing is a rusty/coppery brown.
    Sterling is a brown color with golden undertones.
    Banksy is one of my favorite eyeshadows. I love khaki and this one is so shimmery, I love it !

    These eyeshadows hold pretty well, between 3 and 4 hours without a primer underneath and between 6 and 7 hours with one. I love how pigmented they are, how easily one can blend them together and achieve a great look. They look alive and that's exactly what I love in shimmery eyeshadows though I'm falling in love with matte eyeshadows these days.

    I advise you get this if you don't have it already : the bottom row is ideal for a fall or spring themed makeup and the top row can make for great summery looks ! You can always find new ways to use this. It's amazing. If you would like to dare using shimmery or metallic eyeshadows, this baby here can be your best friend.

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