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    I love anything that's related to body hydration : lipbalms, handcreams or body butters... So many collections I should stop enriching but still I grow.
    Today's the day I show you one of my favorite lipbalm : the Labello Vanilla & Macadamia lip butter.

    Up to this purchase all I had were lipbalms in stick and to be honest I've only had one lipbutter in my life before, the Body Shop Chocomania lipbutter I then gave away to one of my cousins.

    The Labello lip butter weighs 16.7g which is pretty much for a lipbalm. It's held within a small round and flat metal tin that's kind of hard to open if you have short nails. However it's really cute and convenient.
    There are several scents to this Labello range according to the country they're sold in, some leave a light tint on your lips and others don't. For instance there's Caramel Cream, Raspberry, Blueberry Blush, Original and Cocoa. Some even belong to the Nivea brand but be aware the manufacturer that makes Nivea lipbalms is the very one that makes Labello lipbalms.

    The lipbutter is thick and creamy, just what you'd expect from a lipbutter. I like feeling it on my lips. I know how it's not hygienic applying it directly with your fingers but I've not thought of a cleaner and more convenient way of applying it as of now. Be aware also that its creamy texture and the fact it's in a tin makes the dust more likely to settle on the surface.

    Though there's this downside of using a lipbutter in a tin, I love how hydrating this is. I am helplessly in love with its smell : everytime I open it, I smell chocolate spread. This is in no way a chemical smell and it's always an amazing olfactive experience when I apply this lipbutter.
    The smell lingers on the lips for some time then lightly fades away. It's one of my go-to lipbalms, I like using it before going to sleep and feeling it hydrating my lips still in the morning.

    Because of its hydrating power and its outstanding chocolate smell, I recommend it strongly ! I have gotten the raspberry one and I can't wait to show you this second Labello purchase !
    Have you ever tried out the Labello or Nivea lipbutters ? What scents do you think are the best ? 

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    2 commentaires:

    1. je l'avais mais vite abandonné, je n'aime pas l'application au doigt :/

      1. Je n'aime pas tellement non plus, mais finalement j'ai vu qu'on pouvait utiliser le surplus pour nourrir les cuticules alors c'est ce que je fais ! J'ai quand même craqué pour ceux à la framboise et à la noix de coco ! Et on vient de m'offrir L'Original, c'est parfait ! ^^