Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    I said I would publish this article a long time ago, here it is at last. Some pictures, some memories I'm preciously keeping from my stay in Lyon at the beginning of the year. 
    The first article I wrote was about all the street art I've been able to find when I was there and I really focused on that. That's the reason why I don't have many pictures of landmarks and monuments of the sort. I am one to take pictures of things and people that actually made me feel something.

    The first places I've really been to are the huge Place Bellecour with its Ferris Wheel and the Great Mosque of Lyon (Subway : Laënnec station). Its a beautiful mosque, a lot smaller than the Great Mosque of Paris but it has a minaret. Being in this mosque is relaxing but I just didn't dare taking pictures while I was inside to show you how beautiful it is, I guess pictures can easily be found on the Internet.

    This restaurant, Best Bagels is not very far from the Place Bellecour. I described the restaurant and the meal with the prices in this article right here. In this place they also retail Fluff, Skittles and other American sweets we don't have in France. 


    One day, it was pretty sunny outside and I decided to go for a walk and then visit the gallo-roman museum. I was really surprised to see how expensive Lyon is compared to Troyes. Well, it isn't that shocking given it's a big city. I had forgotten to take my ID with me but fortunately it was a Thursday. On Thursdays, the gallo roman museum is free for everyone.

    To get there it's hard on your legs. First, you'll get to see this cute Elephant & Castle traditionnal British pub. I just loved seing English written on the board, that reminded me of my stay in London last year.

    You have to climb up a long road to get to the museum. You'll get to see the Saint-Paul station and walk up the Montée Saint-Barthélémy. It's so high that you can actually see all of Lyon while you're climbing up.

    There are so many stairs in Lyon. Here are just two pictures but there are stairs everywhere or so it seems.

    The gallo roman museum is really big and I loved the mosaics. What I loved the best was the outside with the ruins and the view ! At the right there's an odeon : a small theater provided for music.

    While I was walking down from the museum, I saw this oh so cute little Bouchon Lyonnais which is a typical restaurant from Lyon. It was closed but all you can see on the windows are fun words and phrases.

    Then I went for a walk on the banks of the Saône and later in the Old Lyon.


    That's a Bouchon Lyonnais once again. There are many in Lyon and I like how authentic these accessories look on the paved ground.

    I was very amused at this scene. In the right, we can't see her but there's an old woman playing the harmonica. The little blonde girl was afraid and clutching her daddy's pants.

    I really loved this store : Mandragore. A medieval and historical shop. It felt like you were falling in Game of Thrones when you opened the door : long and beautiful dresses, ancient jewellery, fake swords and old maps... That was a pretty shop and it was really interesting.

    In the Old Lyon : a pirate-themed candy shop and another Bouchon lyonnais.

    This virtual Lyon tour ends with some pictures of the Miniature and Cinema museum. There are some breathtaking creations and film props in the hall that you can look at without paying the entrance fee, which is what I did. The entrance ticket is €9 per adult. I have not visited the museum but I hope that next time I go to Lyon, I'll get to !

    Have you ever visited Lyon ? What would you recommend I visit ? 

    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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