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    Oh how frustrating it is to look for information and reviews of products or places and find next to none. Well, when someone takes the time to write precisely and completely about this product or place, that's what blogging is all about : sharing.

    There is little information about the Presty Women stores on the Internet. Some blurry pictures, short articles and no contact information. That's kind of annoying. This is why I've decided to share all the info I have about these subway stores you can find only in Paris. I will show you all the really nice things I've found there in another article for this one is but informative.

    What is Presty Women ?

    Some of the Parisian subway stations are very big. In some of them, there are a lot of shops and small boutiques : Relay, Réserve Naturelle, fruits and vegetables stalls, souvenirs shops, La Brioche Dorée boutiques and sometimes, a Presty Women store.

    The name is awful and it doesn't mean anything in particular. One may think they meant "Pretty Women". Some of these boutiques are smaller than others but on each, you'll see "Tout à 2€" meaning Everything costs €2. There is often a crowd in the store while it was almost empty 30 seconds before.

    Where can we find these Presty Women stores ?

    There are at least 4 boutiques in the maze that is the Parisian subway.
    I often go to the one in Gare de Lyon : I go out of the Métro 14 to the Gare de Lyon station and I keep walking as if I was going to the Métro 1 (there's an escalator to bring you up to the floor where Presty Women is). Presty Women is the second or the third store on the right.

    I also often go to the one in La Défense. When you get off the Métro 1 in the La Défense-Grande Arche station or off the RER A La Défense station, you can't miss the Presty Women store when you're heading for the mall. It's almost opposite Marks & Spencer.

    There's also a store in the Nation station : I've been there only once, it's way smaller than the other two but you can definitely find a lot of interesting things there too.

    There seems to be a Presty Women in the Châtelet-les-Halles station that I've never found and one in the Montparnasse station I've never been to. Don't bother going to the one in the Opera station, the boutique has evidently shut down since long.

    What do they sell in these Presty Women stores ?

    First of all you should be aware that all the boutiques sell the same things but since more people go to one and less to another, there may be what you're looking for in Nation and not in Gare de Lyon anymore. That's what happened when I was looking for a Soap Opera body butter that I eventually found in Nation.

    Shower gel and shampoo are brand products : Fa, Monsavon, Adidas, Garnier, Dove, Sanex, Le Petit Marseillais and other brands. I've seen several Calliderm hair masks and other than that, bodycare that's sold in these boutiques are not brandname. There was a mini Nivea cream, the rest was Soap Opera or The Beauty Spot or Balea.

    The makeup is all discount brands. You might find some Bourjois and Gemey Maybelline products but the rest is brands that you don't trust at first sight. There's Miss Cop, Cosmod, Modelite, Salomé and Fashion makeup among others. They sell everything that you may possibly need : lipliners, eyeshadow palettes, mono eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks, lipgloss, lipbalm, eyeshadow primers, foundation, blushes, bronzers... 

    In these Presty Women you can also buy leggings or pantyhoses. There are also baby wipes, basic makeup brushes, files, nail clippers... that kind of accessories.
    There's also a corner of the shop where things are a bit more expensive that I've noticed in Gare de Lyon, like pure oils for instance.

    I've found a lot of cheap makeup to try out in these Presty Women shops and I expect to talk about these products soon. I really wanted to try out those discount brands rather than just being opinionated "That's cheap, so that's bad".

    I'll write about all I've bought later, in the meantime I hope I've given you all the information you might need about these stores. Here is the contact info of the La Défense boutique :

    Presty Women La Défense
    SAS Flash Center
    18, rue Marignan
    75008 Paris
    Phone number :

    Opening hours : 7 am - 9 pm for all of the shops (I called to ask !)

    Do you know Presty Women ? What do you think of these subway stores and the products they sell ?

    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !