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    Copyright ? 
    I am Ibtissam, author and owner of the website www.tissamestla.com.
    The texts and pictures on this website were created by me and are my property. I have taken the time to get the right angle for the lighting or to look for the right way to write my article : this is much work. With this said, if you want to use the content of my blog, you can do so AFTER contacting me and I'll ask of you to always cite my blog as a source. This is mere respect for me and for my work.
    However, I would really appreciate it if you would contact me to give me the link to your article so I can take a look at it and enjoy your work !
    If I use a picture or a text that is not mine, I will tell you about it in my article.

    Opinions and thoughts
    It might not be the same thing for everyone, but if I write about a product or service, I know what I'm talking about because I have tried them out thoroughly. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong only to me, Ibtissam.
    I am honest and truthful about the quality of the products I'm talking about on this blog be it a product I have bought or been sent in partnership with a brand.
    All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only : I know how useful it is to find swatches or opinions from different blogs before buying something. If I think the product is not good, I will have to tell you about it in the hope that the brand will improve it.

    Thoughts are like the weather : they vary from time to time. Thus, I might like something a lot and then get tired of it and vice versa. I may add an "Edit" sometimes if my opinion about a product has changed or if I've found a way to make it work for me.

    Partnerships with brands
    From time to time, I get sent some products for testing from a representative of the manufacturer or from the cosmetic line. Any partnership will be clearly stated with an asterisk "*" in the title and at the end of the article. We all know how useful a blogger can be and what a good advertisement at almost no cost they can be. Getting free goodies doesn't mean I am going to betray your trust : I will not lie just to get a few more views or in the intent of being "liked" by a brand.
    I might be overly excited over a product or service and I might also have mixed feelings about it. In this case, I will tell you everything I like and dislike about it : then, only you can make up your mind whether to try it out or not. I may not want to talk about a product or service at all if it doesn't match my blog topics or if I really, really dislike it.

    Sponsored articles
    In a word, you get paid for writing an article. I've never been paid to write an article and should this happen, I'll make sure to agree to that only if the topic matches my blog (beauty, fashion, bodycare, food, candles, fitness/running...).
    This blog is not a billboard, I am the owner and if I don't like a product and the brand doesn't "approve" of my feelings towards it, I may very well talk about it in another article. Don't be afraid : if I earn some money with my blogging, I will automatically reinvest it in a makeup product, or a new-concept bakery... anything new for you to discover.

    If you are a PR and wish to team up with me, I'd be happy to discover new products in terms of beauty, fashion or any other field that is of interest to me. You can contact me via email with this address : tissamazami@gmail.com or via the various social media in the Contact : "Where to find me ?" section of my blog.

    Contests that are organized without sponsors are paid with my own money. I will send the via the Post Office or in a Pick Up & Go location. In any case, there are similar risks of breakage, theft or loss. I will wrap the gifts up in bubble wrap so they don't get broken but if they do anyway, I do not accept any liability.
    I will disqualify any person participating in the contest with the sole intent of winning and then unsubscribing (a mere visit to their Google+ account or any social media account will tell me anything I need to know) from my blog or any person that doesn't meet the criteria for the contest (i.e. if you live out of France and still participate in a contest only for France).

    I do not moderate comments. I will be very happy to get any positive or negative comment as long as they're respectful. I will then think about your comments in order to improve an article or this blog.
    I am respectful and I would like to be trated courteously as well. If I ever see an insulting or degrading comment, I will delete it immediately.

    Your choice ! 
    I am not a professional : neither a makeup artist, nor a physician, nor a dermatologist, nor a hairdresser. All opinions are my own for I have tried out the products on my own body. My skin and hair with their specific qualities and flaws (hydration, texture...). You are going to have to be careful to find products that are good for you and your taste. A product that is efficient on my body might not be efficient on yours ! 
    Be careful what you read and take the time to read the composition of a product before using it on your body.

    Please address any other questions regarding this blog to this email address : tissamazami@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible !

    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !