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    I often go to Lidl as this is the closest store to home and as a consequence I saw their brand new makeup and bodycare line as soon as they released it. I wasn't really sure if I should pick up some products or not though : if they weren't good quality, I would have lost money. If they were extraordinary quality, I was going to appreciate them and would be likely to buy more and more products from the Cien brand. However, I have some trouble with buying : if I like one product, I need to buy the whole range or at least the colors I know I will wear (that's better than back when I used to buy each and every color just because it was cheap).
    My friend Sam offered me a Cien lipgloss and a lipbutter and that was it : I bought more and more products from the brand - first to try them out, then because I fell in love with some of them. I am now at the head of an empire of a dozen nail polishes, as many lipglosses and lipsticks as well as two or three eyeshadows and mascaras.
    I fell absolutely in love with their small collection of fruit-scented lipglosses and maybe you will too after you read this review !

    I'll understand anyone who says they don't know if they should trust these products : Lidl doesn't exactly have the reputation of Sephora. It's a hard discount store that is actually trying really hard to break away from its cheap image by creating a large makeup and bodycare line and through the various social media (for instance with giveaways to win bodycare boxes).


    Cien Ultra Shiny Fruit Scented Lipglosses

    Any Cien product (mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow...) costs €1.99. Some are excellent finds but I was much less blown away by other products.
    As for these lipglosses which complete name is Ultra Shiny Lipgloss, I find their packaging really attractive : the drawings and colors are cute and girly and the small sober see-through and black plastic tubes with minimal writing caught my eye at once.

    Cien Ultra Shiny Fruit Scented Lipglosses

    There are four scents available : 
    - Caramel Cream : the nude one,
    - Fruity Melon : the light peach one,
    - Peach Sorbet : the reddish coral one,
    - Berry Cocktail : the pink/fuchsia one.

    I love how creamy they are but I don't like applying lipglosses from the top of the tube. I think it's pretty hard to apply that way without creating a mess. I think using a lipbrush would get you a nice and clean result. On the other hand, some may love creating a blurred lips look with the illusion of fuller lips. To achieve this, I think it's more efficient to use the plastic tip of the lipgloss.
    Anyhow this is fast forgiven and forgotten since the scents are really amazing : it's easy to recognize each of them : the caramel actually smells like caramel, the peach smells like actual peach... If the smells are artificial (I don't know that yet for I'm waiting for customer service to get back to me), they're reproduced really well for it's like the real thing !

    Cien Ultra Shiny Fruit Scented Lipglosses

    I was really into lipglosses for a time because I thought they were more subtle than lipsticks but I hate the sticky effect. I love using these ones for they glide super smoothly on the lips but they're not sticky at all on your lips (but once you swatch them on your hand, they are !).

    Cien Ultra Shiny Fruit Scented Lipglosses


    Left to right : Caramel Cream, Fruity Melon, Peach Sorbet, Berry Cocktail.

    Cien Ultra Shiny Fruit Scented Lipglosses : Swatches - Caramel Cream, Fruity Melon, Peach Sorbet, Berry Cocktail
    Cien Ultra Shiny Fruit Scented Lipglosses - Swatches : Caramel Cream, Fruity Melon, Peach Sorbet, Berry Cocktail

    They're all more or less subtle and make the lips much more beautiful but don't expect them to be opaque : just expect a veil of color on your mouth.
    Caramel Cream and Fruity Melon are the nudest and they're the ones that have the least glitter in them. Peach Sorbet and Berry Cocktail (the two on the right) are a bit more visible on the lips but they remain fresh and muted colors. Those two have a lot of glitter in them but don't back off : the glitter is really subtle and golden. It goes well with the colors and the formula and they just catch the light more easily.


    I love all of these lipglosses from the lightest to the most vivid one. Their smell is so attractive, not artificial at all and I love applying them again and again on my lips. Since they are lipglosses, they won't last all day but a few hours.
    The only downside is that there's no trace of the ingredients be it on the tubes or on the website or any review I've been able to find online. Nor do I know if the Cien cosmetics are cruelty-free. I've sent an email via the contact form and I'm expecting an answer : if they ever get back to me, I'll edit this post...

    Cien Ultra Shiny Fruit Scented LipglossesHave you ever bought Cien makeup products ? Have you ever tried these wonderful lipglosses ? 

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