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    Mastering the technique in makeup is great but the result is even better when you add great tools to that ! My own makeup technique is bad but I think I have efficient tools ; all I have to do left is train, train and then train some more to improve and master the techniques that make me drool : the cut crease, false eyelashes, concealer, artistic makeup... in a way, everyhing I think is pretty but wouldn't wear outside. I have plenty of blending brushes because these are those I use the most alongside eyeliner brushes : creating and actually achieving gradient looks makes me so proud of myself !

    Essence Blending Brush

    This was one of my first makeup brushes and I bought it off EBay for €3 or €4. I still use it as much as the first week I've gotten it (#kidswithXmaspresents). Essence is ultra efficient when it comes to their brushes and they're really cheap too ! I also love the fact that the hairs are fair which means I can easily see if they're clean or not.

    EcoTools Blending Brush

    I've gotten this one not long after the Essence blending brush : I'd been watching many videos to try and figure which brand of brushes was best to begin with and many people seemed to love their EcoTools brushes so I gave them a try. This brush is actually part of a set and while they're efficient they're also environment friendly, which I love. I especially like its small size. I like alternating between small and long blending brushes according to how precise I want to be with such or such color.

    EcoTools Blending Brush Dupe

    I liked EcoTools and I wanted to see what a dupe would feel like so I bought a set off Aliexpress and I'm really happy I did for it does its job really well, the bristles are soft, the brush is easy to work with and it blends the eyeshadows really well too. The set of 5 brushes I think cost me about €4 so it was definitely a bargain. It's small and fluffy enough just like the EcoTools brush and so it's perfect for a precise blending which is necessary given how small my eyelids are.

    BH Cosmetics - Blending Brush

    I had this one in a BH Cosmetics offer (I LOVE BH Cosmetics offers !), it's big and fluffy and great and costs only $4 ! I only use it for light colors like matte yellow, only colors that don't make me look like a panda or anything.

    BH Cosmetics - Pink-a-Dot set Blending Brush

    The last blending brush I love is part of the Pink-a-Dot brush set so if you want it, you'll have to get the whole set of brushes. All the brushes in this set are black with pink dots and they're so soft it's unbelievable. I use this for any color since it's not too large or too small to do a great job. Your turn now, what are your favorite blending brushes ? Do you use these brushes much or are you crazy about other kinds of brushes ?
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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