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    Long time, no see for a Monday Shadow Challenge look - I really wanted to participate in the coral edition two weeks ago but I wasn't home and I didn't have any coral or any kind of orange color with me and I didn't dare publish my sky blue look last week, not only because sky blue doesn't suit me but also because it looked plainly awful.
    Now that we're good, today's color is fuchsia and I've created a simple look I'm actually really proud of for several reasons : I've achieved an ombré lips look that's beautiful, I've managed not to look like a panda with kajal under my bottom lashline, I've worn glitter on my eyes for the first time in my life and - that has nothing to do with anything - I've learned to put curvy watermarks on my pictures with Photoshop ! That's a lot of achievements for just one post, isn't it ?

    Not only is my makeup beautiful (I know there's still glitter here and there on my face and you can easily notice the yellow eyeshadow in the crease of my right eye but not in the crease of my left eye) but I might almost dare go out with this lip makeup or this eye makeup - not both at the same time ! I don't like wearing much makeup on both the eyes and the lips when I go out but I like this mix right here - my face makeup is as nude as can be and I don't have too many pimples or whatever. I've created an ombré lips look with Golden Rose's Longstay Liquid Matte Lipsticks in 02 for the fuchsia color and 09 for the red color I've applied at the center of my lips to create a gradient look.

    The theme I wanted to follow was a summer night party and I think I got what I wanted - I'm really proud of myself ! Okay, the glitter I used on my eyes was not made for makeup but I had only that at home and the kajal is a beautiful Kiko teal color from the Rebel Romantic collection I'll regret for ever more. Too bad the blue/green mascara is not easily noticeable - it matches the teal kajal really well. What do you think of this look ? Is it Fuchsia Glitter Pop or Fuchsia Glitter Not ?

    Golden Rose - Longstay Liquid Matte Lipsticks 02 & 09
    I Love... - Choca Mocha Lala lipbalm

    Nocibé - Pixel Color jaune 001
    Kiko - Colour Definition Eyeliner & Kajal 005
    Kiko - Super Colour Mascara Green 03
    Max & More - Dark Brown eyebrow pencil

    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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