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    Since it's become trendy to have matte lips and even the mattest lips you can, I've been trying to follow the trend as much as possible but even though I include liquid matte lipsticks in my wishlists almost every month, I'm not the biggest fan of wrinkled-paper lips. I prefer classic, creamy lipsticks and my favorite finish is the velvet matte finish I've discovered with Golden Rose. I love having hydrated lips with a chic, semi-matte, semi-shiny finish.
    I've been eagerly expecting my second parcel from BPS because I'd ordered three Charming Lipstick - After 90 Hold Live lipsticks : in my first order I had one and I wanted to add some more shades to be able to give my opinion about a nude, a dark and medium shades. I have to warn you right away : I am unconditionnally in love with these lipsticks and I don't understand why there are so few reviews about these on the Internet. There are 30 shades of these and I have to tell you I've already bought a lot more - yeah, I'm broke after what the summer sales made me buy (but that I was eager to spend !) and I couldn't buy all of the other shades at the same time but I'll buy the rest of the collection next month. But let me tell you something : if I decide to buy 26 shade of the same range of lipsticks, it does mean something, yes sir.

    The packaging is simple and sober and I liked it as soon as I saw it : black and white, you really can't go wrong. There's a clic when you close the lid on the lipstick, only shade 24 doesn't close well. There's "After 90 Hold Live" written on each expect for shade 24 on which is written "Born Pretty For Beauty". I'm under the strong impression that #24 was the ugly duckling when it comes to its packaging, the shape of the lipstick, how non-creamy it is compared to the other 3 shades. I'll probably get another one to compare them.

    Left to right, I've got shades 13, 16, 20 and 24. Each costs $2.99 on BPS. They all contain 3.8g of lipstick, have a really nice, almost non-existent scent (no chemical odor whatsoever) and in which you can find bee wax, carnauba wax and candelilla ceresin wax : I understand a little better why my lips feel so soft when I've got them on.

    I was very, very happy when I discovered how pigmented the shades are : I merely thought "Wow, they're not messing around !". Be they dark or light, all the shades are really pigmented in one stroke - I'm so in love.

    I'm not used to wearing red lipstick but this one made me rethink my fear of red - this is a wonderful glamour dark red (not burgundy, dark red) that I've worn every single day at home since I've gotten it, just for the heck of it and for the pleasure to stare at myself in the mirror and tell myself that heck, am I a knockout or what with this on. It's easy to apply, perfectly velvet matte, if you want a more matte look all you need to do is blot your lips on a handkerchief. I strongly recommend you apply a lipliner before you apply this shade for it's longlasting but after 4 or 5 hours, the color will bleed in the fine lines around the lips. I love this so, so, so much.

    I am also so in love with shade 16 and I've also been wearing it every day since I got it - outside, this time. I've shared pics on Instagram : it's a brown nude with strong grey undertones, the kind of color I'm looking for everywhere but that's either liquid matte or too expensive, or both even. My sister noticed that it looked corpsy - that does mean that's the color I wanted and I've already bought a backup.

    I really like shade 20 - it's kind of a mauve color which is a bit more vivid than a regular mauve. That's a perfect daytime cool pink that matches everything and anything. I really like it because mauve is one of the shades I actively search - one can never have too many mauve lipsticks in one's collection !

    Shade 24 really is a tough shade and I think it's about this lipstick and not the shade in particular seeing how the other shades work. It's a kind of ancient, dark raspberry color which doesn't match the swatches on the BPS website that made me expect a true mauve, darker than shade 20.
    This one is really dry and a true matte color but it's difficult to apply - I have to scrub your lips and apply a lipbalm before I do this lipstick - it does emphasize the dry patches on the lips whereas the other three shades I have are really creamy and don't emphasize dry patches. I really like the color even though I did expect a mauve shade and I'll get another one just to see if all the shades 24 are similar when it comes to quality.
    Anyway, I can't wait to get all my other shades : I'll probably review 10 shades at a time since they're in packs of ten on the website with nudes, vivid shades and darker shades. What do you think of these new lipsticks ? Have you ever tried them, are you as crazy about them as I am ? What are the shades you like the best ?
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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