• Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    Let's talk food today - it's been a while since I didn't share some food find and not just restaurants. I know it's not the right season to write about crisps when you're still trying to hide your Christmas fat in a swimsuit but these are the bomb. Ladies and Gentlemen, Tyrrells crisps.

    These are sold in almost any supermarket but in Troyes, I know that only Monoprix has all the available flavors (I'm talking about French supermarkets here) : blue/white and red, lightly salted, vegetable crisps... and more. I'm crazy about the two packs I'm showing you today, the lightly salted and the patriotic ones.
    The brand was created in 2002 and its concept should actually not be that big of a deal were we in a perfect world but it is in 2016 : only natural, natural and natural ingredients : potatoes, salt and sunflower oil, no weird nor artificial ingredients, no gluten and free from animals so anyone can fall in love with them.

    What caught my eye was the packagings : handcooked crisps in an English farm does seem authentic and interesting. Authentic doesn't mean calorie free but I don't really care for that's my crush. It's amazing how crispy these are, still dressed in the potato skin and how tasty they are too : the brand doesn't need any weird things to make them more tasty - you can feel there's much less salt in the Tyrrells crisps than other crisps and you get used to it pretty fast - yesterday I ate a bunch of low-cost crisps and just couldn't finish it, I left it all in the bag and the bag's going to end up in the trash.

    I am in love with both packs but when it comes to the patriotic ones it's rather something like "oh I'm going to eat a purple one", "and now I'm going to eat a red one" - it's childish but the taste really is there. Of course, that's not an everyday pleasure - almost, in my case - for a pack of Lightly Salted crisps costs around €2.50 and any other pack costs about one more euro for 150g bags. It might be a little expensive if you want to buy some everyday but if you try them, you'll never go back to those cheap crisps we're used to.
    Do you know this brand ? Are you tempted or do you know other crisps brand as delicious and natural as Tyrrells ?

    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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