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    I feel like it's been a while since I last talked about eyeshadows or eyeshadow palettes here. It's not like I have nothing more to show you guys for I must have about eighty eyeshadow palettes but I got a bit tired and lost after moving out of Troyes to the surroundings of Paris and I chose to publish only posts I'd finished before I moved out of my previous apartment.
    So I've been home for a few days now at last, my apartment is really messy because it's much smaller than the previous one and I'm still thinking about how to organize everything I own, especially my makeup. Even though I still don't know about the organization, I have a big terrace that allows me to take pics in broad daylight. That does make me happy because I'm able to take a lot of pics and plan a few makeup reviews in advance which is life, you know ?
    Today, I've decided to write about the small Nocibé Pixel Color eyeshadows I've first seen on Aurélie's blog (Aurely27_Beauty) when she did her khaki Monday Shadow Challenge look.

    I had never been interested in the Nocibé eyeshadows before I saw them on this blog but I found them for €0.85 instead of €2.90 during the summer sales so I got 7 shades. I wanted very summery, warm colors and them I took some other shades I liked but today I regret not buying them all.

    The eyeshadows look like small bubbles and I think they're slightly too hard to open - which is pretty cool actually because then I know for sure they won't open in my bag if I take them with me. They are supposed to come in 60 different shades but right now the website only has 17 - maybe you should buy them straight from a Nocibé store so you can get as many as possible.

    The texture is different from everything I've known so far, it's like a powder that feels like a mousse, a gummy texture when you push on it with your finger. When they're dry, they're extremely pigmented but you shouldn't wet your brush if you want to use them because they're definitely much more difficult to use when wet - they were not made for a wet use, that's for sure. The texture is so mousse-y that you have to be extra careful when you use your finger to apply makeup - I crushed my light orange eyeshadow and I'm upset for I hate it when my makeup looks like it's been overused and mistreated.
    They're not too powdery and they shouldn't cause any problem if you don't put too much on your brush. I've worn them for 5 hours without an eyeshadow primer and they lasted this long without creasing - those are really good eyeshadows for such a low price !

    Swatches of Nocibé's Pixel Color Eyeshadows : 37 - 35 - 22 - 15 - 6 - 5 - 1
    Only the dark green, burgundy and yellow eyeshadows have a bit of sparkle in them, the rest of the eyeshadows is shimmery only.

    I feel like I haven't done as many summer makeup looks as I would have wanted this year so I really enjoyed writing this post and taking pics of the look I created for it. I absolutely wanted to show you the amazing pigmentaiton of these eyeshadows so I mixed the yellow 01 and the orange 06 with a Kiko teal eye pencil and matched the eyelook with a Kleancolor purple Madly Matte Lipgloss.
    There's nothing really negative to say about these small bubbles of eyeshadow, only that the texture is an asset but also a big drawback as it's a bit fragile and also, I don't really like the fact I can't put them into a Z Palette which would be more convenient? But really, there's nothing negative to say about these : get yourself some or the whole range, they're amazing. If I do find them on sale again, they'll come home with me, no doubt about that. Have you ever tried these Nocibé Pixel Color eyeshadows ? Are you tempted ? What other affordable eyeshadows do you use and would you recommend ?

    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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