• Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    Sometimes you see a makeup product and you think straight away "THAT is mine. That was made for me, as soon as it's available I'll get my tiny hands on it !". That doesn't happen to me very often but when it does, I shake with excitement and anticipation for days until I finally have my Grail safely at home with me. That happened with the Marlène Grace & GotyMakeUp eyeshadow palette. I was looking for some new makeup brands on Maquillalia when I stumbled upon the brand Marlène Grace - I browsed the list of makeup and saw many products were already out of stock - lippies, eyeshadows... and then I saw her.
    She. The Love of my life. Well, one of the loves of my life. It was out of stock but I asked to be notified by email when it would be available again and as soon as I got the notification, I placed my order. 16 euros of pure happiness. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how true love is found. Well, let us focus now on this wonder of human creation.

    Marlène Grace is a Spanish brand that's easier to buy off Maquillalia than off other Spanish websites that don't ship to France. The range of makeup they have is wide ; eyeshadows and customizable eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, nail polishes and many other accessories and makeup products for the eyes and the nails.
    This is their first premade eyeshadow palette and it was made in collaboration with GotyMakeUp, a Spanish YouTuber I think. There are no parabens in this palette, no mineral oils, no phtalates and no fragrances AND the brand is cruelty-free. All is good !
    Like the Zoeva palettes, it's a cardboard eyeshadow palette that's quite slim and holds 10 eyeshadows. In opposition to the Zoeva palettes though, there's a mirror inside it - everyone will love this !

    One can only get crazy when comparing the 27-mm eyeshadows' pigmentation with the low price (€16). The first row is made of nude colors : a matte yellowish white, a shimmery beige, a matte flesh, a shimmery cool-toned brown and a matte dark brown. Even though the colors are basic for this row, I really like what I see.
    The second row is made of a shimmery purple, a warm and vivid shimmery pink, a shimmery reddish red, a shimmery duochrome green/brown eyeshadow and a matte black. I did all the swatches with no primer underneath them and they were not wet either - that is simply spectacular.
    The matte shades are a bit powdery as are some of the shimmery eyeshadows but all you have to do is not put too much powder on your brush before applying it to your eyes and you'll be fine.

    A palette that costs €16 for ten eyeshadows, cheaper even than the Zoeva palettes (that I should have bought all before they got €5 more expensive for no reason, but that'll be for another time), perfect for soft or daring looks, with stunningly pigmented eyeshadows that last for 7 hours without a primer underneath, with no creasing whatsoever. The eyeshadows seemed to be stuck to my eyelids and kept shining on the whole day !
    For this makeup look below, I used On Point to get a unified base and Darkness for the crease - then I created an asymetrical eye look with Velvet Blood on the left eyelid and below the right lower lashline - and did the same thing with She Better Don't - I wanted to create a weird, daring eyelook and mainly wanted to see if the quality would be the same for both eyeshadows. I finished the look with Drag Soul in the lower lashline for even more pop ! I cannot recommend this strongly enough : just go on Maquillalia and ask for an email notification when the palette is available again - and get your hands on it quickly ! Do you know this marvel ? Have you ever tried the Marlène Grace brand ? Are there any affordable eyeshadow palettes that make your heart crazy like this one did to me ? 

    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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