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    As I told you in my Neve Cosmetics haul off the Makeup Minéral website, Neve Cosmetics is a brand I'd been eyeing for ages but from which I didn't get anything - for no reason.
    I'm like a bomb that explodes when you wait too long ; so the day I decided to get some Neve Cosmetics products, I really got (almost) everything I wanted and liked. Among these, I got the Intensissimi eyeshadow palette, a mix of pop and bright colors that I've loved since the first time I've seen them. I can understand that to some people the colors might be scary, but when you mix just one or two with neutral colors, the makeup just gets brighter and lively - and remains totally wearable.

    The first time you'll get a Neve Cosmetics palette, you'll probably be surprised because of the large size of the palette : ten 3-g, 36mm eyeshadows do take up some room ! And that's actually a great thing, to me at least - 30 grams of eyeshadow that you'll get for €26.80 when two 1.5g M.A.C. eyeshadows that cost €13.50 apiece are the same price as the whole palette...
    The base of the palette is magnetic as are all Neve Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes - you can totally take the eyeshadows out and reposition them (oh nooo, now all I'm thinking of is taking out all my 60 Neve Cosmetics eyeshadows and putting them together in Z Palettes to admire them all at the same time !)

    What I'm also fond of when it comes to the Neve Cosmetics brand is that you know what you're actually putting on your eyes. All the eyeshadows in the Intensissimi palette have been vegan since September 16th, 2013, formulated without silicones, parabens or petrolatum, cruelty-free, enriched with vitamins and made in Italy.
    Moreover, a few eyeshadows in this palette are also lipsafe - Bananas, Madma, Watermelon, Diva and Nightlife : I love mixing eyeshadows with lipgloss for my Monday Shadow Challenge looks for instance and that's just great news because it's much safer than what I usually do, mixing just about any eyeshadow with my lipgloss.

    The eyeshadows are velvety and a bit powdery and they blend exceptionnally well : I advise you apply your foundation after the eye makeup. You'll see it below in the swatches, the colors are really pop and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to wear them outside but the fact that the blending is so easy makes using this palette much less random and occasional.
    The top row holds the warmer tones and the second row holds the cooler tones - I like this way of classifying the eyeshadows which makes looking at the palette a lovely experience. Three eyeshadows out of the ten are matte : the yellow Bananas, the orange Magma and the lime Alien.

    I've noticed that only three eyeshadows are a bit less pigmented than the others : the matte yellow Bananas, the purple Velvet and the matte lime Alien. They're pretty good enough to use in a crease or on the lid but they're less intense than the others when they're dry. Actually, it's not that disturbing because they're easily noticed even when they're dry - I haven't used these three when wet for now and I'm sure they'll be much more intense, like the others are. In a nutshell, they're very pigmented compared to other brands for instance, still less pigmented than the 7 other eyeshadows in the palette. There. That's clearer.
    Otherwise, the pigmentation is pretty crazy and I do love Magma, Watermelon and Acquario : the orange, reddish pink and turquoise eyeshadows.

    They have a crazy lasting time too, more than 6 hours when dry and without a primer too: as soon as I apply the eyeshadows, it feels and looks like the color is part of my body, it blends so well and doesn't crease, doesn't get any less intense as the day goes, nothing of the like. I'm fond of this eyeshadow palette and I recommend it more than anything I've ever recommended ! I really can't wait to write about its five sisters ! Do you know the Neve Cosmetics brand ? What would you love to try from this brand ?

    PS. In the pics below, I'm wearing the Watermelon and Magma shades in the crease, Acquario in the lower lashline, a mix of Velvet and Nightlife as an eyeliner as well as a beige and dark brown matte shades from my GotyMakeUp & Marlène Grace palette. The lipstick I'm wearing is Hean's Vitamin Cocktail Intense Colour 153 Nude Rose that you can find in my September Faves.

    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    Mo' Makeup !