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    I discovered the Italian makeup brand Neve Cosmetics about two months ago - when I saw how very pigmented their products were on several beauty blogs, I went on Makeup Minéral, the official reseller of the brand in France and bought (almost) everything I wanted. After getting all six eyeshadow palettes and a few single eyeshadows, I meant to post one review a week for those products because I was stunned by the quality of the powders.
    But as they say, life got in the way and it took me some time to get used to working a real full-time job. But Neve Cosmetics is back on the blog !, and after showing you the excellent Intensissimi palette, the time has come to show you its little sis, the wonderful Chiarissimi palette, which means very fair/light in italian.

    The packaging of Chiarissimi is actually quite identical to that of the five other Neve Cosmetics palette - it's really big because you have to be able to put ten 3g and 36 mm eyeshadows in it ! I think it's pretty chic and girly with its purple sturdy packaging and yellow letters on top. I do have to say I don't really like its opening system because I feel like it's very fragile, and it's the same system with all 6 palettes.
    All the eyeshadows in this palette (and all the eyeshadows in any Neve Cosmetics palette) are available as refills - if you already have some similar colors in your stash or if some are of no interest to you, you can totally buy the others alone.
    I prefer to buy eyeshadow palettes because they're always less expensive than 10 refills alone (which would amount to about €50). This is why I always get the palettes, beyond the practical dimension. What I also like in the Neve palettes is that the bottom of the palette is magnetic so you can move the eyeshadows around as you like : you know how much I love to create stuff so this is pretty great.

    You know, when I first placed my orders on Makeup Minéral, I took 4 eyeshadow palettes and I really wasn't sure about Elegantissimi and Chiarissimi - the nude colors and the light colors. I wasn't sure of how pigmented the eyeshadows would be and you know me well now, you know that I need my makeup to be very pigmented and colorful... It's no use creating a wonderful makeup look if you can barely see it.
    We expected the mix of colors to be very light ; the top row is filled with warmer-toned eyeshadows and the bottom row holds cooler-toned colors. All ten eyeshadows together remind me of spring or summer when you like to wear pastel colors on your eyes and pop colors on your lips but I can totally wear this all year round !
    Only one eyeshadow is matte, two are duochrome and the rest is satin or shimmery : I think this mix of finishes is really interesting even though I still think it'd be difficult to create a whole look with this palette only - I need my brown eyeshadows in the crease (and that's where the Elegantissimi palette comes in handy !) !


    Ghiaccio - Shimmering silvery white
    Unicorno - Antique pink duochrome with pale green shimmers 
    Snob - Shimmering cold gold/beige
    Peaches & Cream - Peachy pink with a satin sheen
    Baby Doll - Warm pink duochrome with fuchsia shimmers

    Limelight - Pale platinum lime green
    Caraïbi - Very pale turquoise
    Ossigeno - Pastel blue with cold undertones
    Bouquet - Lavender lilac
    Favola - Matte old pink

    I'm crazy about all the colors which are very delicate and can be used wet or dry on several parts of the face. Actually, all ten eyeshadows are vegan and six out of the ten are lipsafe. The four eyeshadows that are not lipsafe are Limelight, Ossigeno, Bouquet and Favola.
    I did the swatches with dry eyeshadows ; you can already see how excellent the quality is, even though I have to admit I really couldn't tell the difference between the three golden/orange eyeshadows at first. I love that they're cruelty-free, made in Italy, without parabens, silicons or petrolatum ! 
    Even though they're longlasting when they're dry and with no primer underneath them, I prefer to wear them wet with a primer - I really need to have intense makeup on my eyes when I wear eyeshadow. I am a sucker for a few colors like Favola (the matte pink), Unicorno (that I think is more orange than pink with its wonderful green duochrome), Ghiaccio (a really pigmented and brilliant white) and Bouquet (a wonderful lilac color that I think is amazing on my hazelnut eyes).


    As soon as I saw the mix of colors in the palettes, I saw a link between some of the colors and my new MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer lipsticks (well, they were new in August/September... No comment about my being late in my blog reviews, please) - light blue and very light pink.
    I'm wearing the matte pink Favola in the crease, the medium blue Ossigeno on my eyelids and Ghiaccio as an eyeliner - I've used all the eyeshadows wet so they would be perfectly intense and I've created a slight ombré lips with both liquid matte lippies so the colors would match... What do you think of this look and this eyeshadow palette ? Do you know the brand Neve Cosmetics ? Do you feel like getting it ?

    So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    A bit more Neve ?

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