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    I'm not a big fan of liquid matte lipsticks, I've said so before and here I am still saying it. I am really more of a creamy-matte lipstick kind of girl - they're much more comfy and easy to apply. But even though I'm not one of those who'll run at Sephora to get all the latest Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills or Melted Matte lipsticks, I do like to try out new brands of liquid matte lipsticks from time to time because brands seem to release more and more wonderful formulas and colors. However, since this kind of product is still not one that I cherish, I like to focus on affordable, less known brands and products - I would hurt very much should I spend twenty bucks on a lipstick that I don't like all that much...

    When I went to London back in August, there was nothing I particularly wanted to buy as I walked into Superdrug. I just wanted to try out new products from new brands and I did find some really pretty things that you can admire here - I still do have a lot of reviewing to do ! Amongst other things I discovered the Velvet Lip Lacquer lippies from MUA, liquid matte lipsticks I'd never heard of before. Let me be clear now, I still have about ten of these and I'll review all of the other colors asap and I've just received the 5 shades MUA released for their Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection that I'll review separately. But since the fabulous Dash is the one I've been wearing the most out of lately, it's the one we're talking about today.

    When I walked into Superdrug and saw so many shades of these Velvet Lip Lacquers, I thought I was going to go crazy. There's something I love very much, and it's having the whole range of a product I love. At the time, I saw a lot of testers in Superdrug of these £3 lipsticks (€4.99 on MUA Store France) but... There weren't many lipsticks left - they seem to sell super well and I did have to go to 4 or 5 Superdrugs to get all the lippies I wanted. I actually did love Dash so much that I got 2 for me and another two for friends that love lipsticks as much as I do.

    The packaging is really cute and it does remind me of the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte liquid lipsticks - opaque matte glass, black writings and a golden cap that make this a pretty thing to have in your makeup stash. The applicator is one of those hard mini gloss applicators that you can see quite everywhere nowadays and it makes applying the lipstick really quick and easy.

    Even while I was standing in Superdrug with all the fake lighting, I quickly grasped that the color was pure awesomeness - Dash is some kind of ancient dark pink that's actually different from the mauve lippies I usually like to wear but typically the kind of easy color I put on on workdays.

    Applying this is exquisite but so is its lasting time... ! I have very few liquid matte lipsticks (I have the famous Marvelous Mauve lippie from Sephora and the whole range of Golden Rose’s Longstay Liquid Matte lipsticks but that's about it) but if I had more, I'd want them to be exactly like this Velvet Lip Lacquer : it applies very well, one layer is enough so it's opaque, it smells a nice kind of fruity smell, it dries quickly but leaves me time to correct the shape I've given my lips and it does last the whole day without budging, the color remaining as vivid as the moment I first put it on.
    The formula is light and transfer-proof : kisses or glass of water, the lipstick won't move an inch. I've eaten mac & cheese while wearing this and only the center wore off, the lipstick remained as good as new all around. And, what a great surprise to see how smoothly the touch-up went after lunch !: the second layer I applied went smoothly with no disgracious cracks whatsoever, as if it were the first coat I was applying. And Bam!, in the evening it looked as if I'd just applied it.

    The formula of this liquid matte lipstick is really incredible and it's brought me to peace with a product that I often find not practical at all (especially since I have so much trouble outlining my lips with liquid matte lipsticks).
    It's not that drying ; I actually can't feel it most of the time. Still, after a whole day of wearing it without a lipbalm underneath, I feel that my lips are a bit dryer than usual - well, what can you say, that's the formula itself working... Once I get it off my lips, I'll always put a thick layer of coconut or sweet almond oil and work it into my lips, then go to sleep !
    In love is a weak, weak word to express just how much I love this budget lipstick. This is the only shade I've bought twice in London but since I'm going back there next weekend (Yeehah ! Can't wait !), I may buy a third one (and why not also take a double for some of my new fall shades too... !). Do you know the Velvet Lip Lacquer range from MUA ? Have you ever tried them ? What are your thoughts about them ? 

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