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    Only three days before I turn 22 - I did warn you I might release a Birthday Wishlist a few days before I get older, especially aimed at my closest friends and parents who don't really know what to get me (or who don't want to tell me, I'm talking to you, Kenza - my sis)... I'm the kind of person who knows exactly what I want - I think I'm really hard to please because I know exactly what I like and expect this and not anything else.
    Well, here are the few things I'd really like to get (no special order) and that I'll probably get myself when paycheck time comes and money comes raining over me... the very day of the Black Friday ;)

    Equivalenza Rhubarb, Apple and Grapefruit Body Mist, €13.95

    If you've been following me for sometime, you might be aware of how much I love the brand Equivalenza - I've written quite a few times about their body mists, among which my favorite that is the Vanilla, Amber & Orchid body mist or their fabulous perfume called Number 144 that reminds me of La Vie est Belle and is so affordable and of such an excellent quality... I've seen that the brand has just released three new body mists and the fruity one called Rhubarb seems so original that I just NEED it !

    Photo Studio Kit & Black and White Backgrounds

    The weather's getting darker and darker and I'm still waiting for my replacement light bulb - I really, really need light to keep posting and I'd really like to try working with a photo studio kit. I think my pictures would get even more professional-looking and cleaner with this tool and with black and white backgrounds that I will use to take pictures of myself since I have no clean background and my goal is to get clean, beautiful pictures.

    Clickers, €15

    I'm wearing a strass labret in my right tragus but I'm always afraid it'll fall out - it's actually the same thing with horseshoe piercings that I was eager to wear when I got my septum pierced. I really like wearing clicker rings better, they're easier to wear and I trust them much, much more. When I saw that the piercer I now go to just a train station away from home has smaller diametre clicker rings than those I wear now (which are actually the smallest I could find), I chose to put two of those clickers in my wishlist - one for my septum and one for my tragus piercing.

    Marc Jacobs About Last Night Palette, Limited Edition Holiday 2016, €95

    I guess it's impossible I'll get one of my closest friends or fam to get me this gem : too expensive, too useless,... I already know I will get this for myself with a real nice Sephora promo code that'll knock €30 off the initial price - better than nothing, right ? I've seen this on Kleo Beauté's blog and her swatches made me eager to get it from the first time I saw them. My first luxury product, I'm already drooling over it...

    Zoeva Rose Golden Palette, €22

    This one is really more affordable, right ? I've been eyeing it for some time now and even though I'd really like to get Naturally Yours and En Taupe too, these colors with gold tints to them are breathtaking. No doubt I'll get one of these next... I can't wait to hold it !

    So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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