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    When I first went to Primark as an inhabitant of the suburbs of Paris, I was stunned to see just how many new things were available in the beauty department. I'm planning to post a haul soon - I have so many hauls to share with you so I don't know how to do this ! And I have to say it's getting more and more difficult to bulk photograph  - my working hours don't always match the slight appearances of the sun and I'm still waiting for a light bulb from China... Let's remain calm - some time from now, I'll be able to photograph my stuff at 2 am if I feel like it.
    I'm a big fan of mauve lipsticks but it so appears I'm a bad, bad fan : I can't even remember which was my first mauve lipstick, the one that made me fall in love with the color. I do remember, on the other hand, the day I found the Rosewood Mauve lipliner from Primark - a lipliner (matte then !) called Rosewood AND Mauve ?! Oh, hell, that was made for me ! That day, after I swatched all the colors I found in the beauty department, I left with three or four of the Rosewood Mauve lipliners (€1.50 each wasn't gonna break the bank !) and every time I've been there since, I've bought one or two more.

    And then one day it hit me that I'd bought a Rosewood Mauve lipstick from Primark in London for £0.90 so I checked and sure enough, they matched - the same color. I've never seen this shade in my usual Primark in France but seeing as they restock the store every day, I would really like to get another one !

    The Primark Makeup, their packaging and their name

    The packaging of the lip products is quite simple, black and golden. You can see the color of the product on the bottom of the lipstick and on the cap and bottom of the lipliner - I can find them really easily in my stash thanks to their packaging that doesn't look €1.
    As for the names, I've seen plenty of blog posts where the girls said that the lipliners didn't have a name. The lipsticks have their name on a removable plastic and the lipliner have their name on the cap that you have to remove to open the lipliner. Also, the lipsticks have their name below the bottom with the color and there's a new thing since some time now about the lipliners : they now have their name and number engraved on the side : you can clearly see the number 18 and the name Rosewood Mauve on the lipliner ;)

    The color and... all the rest

    The color Rosewood Mauve is exactly what you'd expect it to be : a beautiful darker mauve, a mix of purple and pink, muted and amazing. Both products have the same color (sometimes I feel like the lipstick is lighter, but it's actually not) and the difference lies in the finish - the lipliner is very creamy and matte and the lipstick is even creamier and shiny.
    Both apply really well and when I have to choose a product to wear to work all day long, I automatically get the lipliner. I have to !: it's matte, it applies REALLY well, doesn't drag the lips, it's very longlasting and not that drying and I think this color suits me really fine. I would like to point out a problem I've had though, with only one of the lipliners for now : when I sharpen it, the color falls out and it's just so frustrating for such an excellent product.

    As I said, the lipstick is extremely creamy and shiny. I need a few swipes to get it opaque when I wear it on its own and it's very longlasting (think 5 hours), especially for a €1.30 lipstick. The downer with this is that even though the color is here and well after 5 hours, it's worn slightly off the parts of my lips that I rub together : it's just a bit less intense - I guess that'll be so with any really creamy lipstick. When I wear them both together, the mix is perfect : the lipliner makes my lips' shape perfect and the lipstick doesn't have the wearing-off problem anymore and is kind of an amplifier product on my lips - they appear to be fuller, much more beautiful, that's kind of crazy. I'd also like to tell you about the bottom of the lipstick : you can actually take off the part where you see the color of the lipstick and there's lipstick inside - I love this.

    Left : Lipliner Primark PS... Rosewood Mauve. Right : Primark PS... Lipstick Rosewood Mauve.

    I'm really crazy about this combo - you've got a €1.50 lipliner with a €1.30 lipstick that do an amazing job on my lips... They're actually the reason why I keep buying the €1.30 Primark PS... lipsticks when I find some attractive colors : because once they're applied on a lipliner (Primark or NYX for instance, no need for expensive lipliners !), they last a loooong time. Even when I eat, only a bit of lipstick wears off and I still have a lot of color on my lips. Below, you can see me wearing the Rosewood Mauve lipliner on its own - what an amazing color... What do you think of this combo ? Do you know the Primark lipstick ? Have you ever tried it ?

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    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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