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    While I was writing this post...
    I was listening to James Blunt - Carry you home.
    I was listening to James Blunt - Same Mistake.
    I was thinking of my brand new MUR Ultra Strobe Balm Palette.

    If we're friends on Facebook, maybe you already know I've stopped working at Ikea for some time now - precisely two weeks. Yesterday in my Caramel Melange palette review, I told you I would publish an update of my life post - well, couldn't have been any quicker ! Let's not get used to it though : I have so many reviews to publish and so little time, will and strength left in my body when I get home in the evening that I feel I'm drowning in my drafts. I have to admit it didn't take long between leaving Ikea and starting to work at Sephora for me to get back to my old rhythm with one post a day - again, I feel frustrated I'm not able/willing to take pics or write posts in advance.

    Let me start by telling you why I've left Ikea ! I was working as a restaurant employee, full-time, for a permanent position. I was still in trial period. Even though I tried to always be motivated to go to work (I mean, you're making money while doing something, that's super cool !), I noticed pretty quickly that... that wasn't a job for me. It was a very versatile job : cooking, heating, preparing food, cleaning and cash registering. The cash register. My favorite part of the job. Being able to talk to people, advise them, being able to speak in different languages because a lot of people buying food there are foreigners and learning a Swedish word whenever it was possible... Aside from that, even though I tried to do my job the best I could with my smile and my enthusiasm, I didn't like it and I think you can't hide this forever - especially since I was working for a full-time permanent position !
    My supervisor called me two weeks before my trial period was over and told me straightforwardly that Ikea was not keeping me - I had two weeks before I didn't work for the company anymore. I cried a lot - to me it's the equivalent of being fired and being made redundant, I guess no one likes that. Your ego and heart hurt. I did ask the supervisor why they'd hired me in the first place and he told me : "Your smile and enthusiasm. Few people still know how to smile". But all the cleaning and food preparation... That just wasn't for me.

    That very evening, I started to browse job offers on the Internet. I had only two weeks to get another job and since I live near Paris, I had to get a job as fast as possible.
    This time, I didn't send my résumé everywhere just to get a job. This time, I sent it where I felt I could feel good and enthusiast all the time and where no diploma was required : I haven't graduated from college (I've done two years and still have one missing to graduate) and that feels crippling. Someday I'll go back to college and finish my education. I'm not interested in the Languages diploma I'd started so I don't want to keep wasting time on something that offers such few professional opportunities.
    And that's how I got a call from Sephora Vélizy the day after in the morning : I was asked for some information about my résumé and I got an interview three or four days later. Two other girls had an interview at the same time I did.

    I have a full-time, temporary job at Sephora until the end of January. I'm at the cash register which is pretty funny and great because it's what I loved to do at Ikea. But here at Sephora, I feel there's a real bond with the customer who's having a great time getting some beauty products, an eyeshadow palette, a few lippies... and to which I offer a loyalty card, a touch-up, a few samples...
    What I love but what is also realling stressing because I'm late every single morning is the fact that makeup must be worn on the whole face, it's part of the uniform and in the contract. Red lipstick is almost compulsory since it matches our outfit and you have to wear foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick... It allows me to try out all of my eyeshadows and since I still have sooo many to show you guys, I relish these whole try-out days !

    I love the atmosphere I'm in : I feel valued and I want to keep going even further. Ikea is a great company I'd advise to anyone who's interested in working in a restaurant or in sales. Their values are distinct and even mere employees are valued. It feels like American management, which is young and great since even the director of the store came to help me someday - without my knowing he was the director.

    Sephora's really different from Ikea : it's the perfect place for someone who loved challenge. I don't hide behind my lack of experience or excuses and I help or advise the customer as much as I can, trying to make them feel good. A new page in my book... Goodbye Ikea, Hello Sephora !
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !