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    Never in the world have I posted a haul so soon after getting an order home... I am quite proud of myself. As I told you in my Nabla Cosmetics Goldust Collection presentation, I got some things I just couldn't live without. The word is pretty strong but I'm really sick of missing the various limited editions I'm interested in. What was left on my bank account forced me to make a choice between Marc Jacobs' About Last Night eyeshadow palette (which is still haunting me) and Nabla's Goldust collection. Guess who won.

    I had never ordered on the Nabla Cosmetics website in the past but I will continue to do so except if Maquillalia has discounts on the brand because the shipping was much faster with Nabla - I ordered on Thursday at 9.30 am, the order was sent from Italy at 6 pm and I got it the day after before 1 pm. So efficient, and the only brand that was ever so efficient is Neve Cosmetics who also happens to ship from Italy...
    All the products were perfectly wrapped in bubble wrap and I loved the golden paper and the sticker wrapping and protecting my order - that was very chic. I really appreciated getting a bag that I'm going to keep (I love makeup bags so much it's ridiculous) and the cards showing the collection and all the most famous products from the brand. They looked so pretty that I really felt like keeping them but... I've already got too much junk at home so I only kept the Goldust one.


    If Nabla hadn't released their Goldust collection, I obviously wouldn't have ordered anything so the first products I got are part of this collection. I got three lipsticks out of the five they have in Goldust : Bye Bye Birdie, Arabesque and Dilemma (wow, the color of the last one... I'm in love !) - the three shades are all really different from one another but they all seem to have that Modern Matte finish.
    In the meantime, I ordered some things off Maquillalia and since I was pretty interested in the Moulin Rouge metallic red lipstick, I got it and I'll be waiting to get it to review all four shades together.

    As I told you in my presentation, if you buy six eyeshadows be they part of the Goldust collection or not, you'll get the small 6 Déco palette for free. If you buy twelve eyeshadows, you'll get the bigger twelve-eyeshadow Nouveau palette for free. Since I got six eyeshadows out of the 8 available in the Goldust Collection, I got the smaller palette and I was really happy about that since I was going to buy it anyway (and here's a 7€ in my pocket !). The black and golden design reminds me of the baroque style and I'm in love with it despite its surprisingly small size (the size of my hand).
    I got the six eyeshadows with 15% off (they're still on sale if you're feeling like getting some) and they are Radikal, Paprika, Absinthe, Snowberry, Ludwig and Danae that you can see here. I'll try and publish my reviews soon so you can get them on sale too if you'd like ;)
    The last product I got from the Goldust collection, I bought it off Maquillalia alongside the Moulin Rouge lipstick and that's the only eyeliner from the collection, the golden Dazzle Liner in Klimt. I wasn't sure I was going to get it but I really wanted a golden eyeliner and this one is said to be slightly duochrome with red inside. Well, now I'm sure it's going to join its friends in my makeup stash.


    I have to admit this order was the perfect occasion and excuse to pocket some more Diva Crime lipstick shades I'd been eyeing for a while. You're going to think I'm weird but while I don't quite mind spending a twenty on a MAC lipstick, it almost hurts to spend €12.90 on a lipstick from another brand. I don't know why that is - maybe that's the 90 cents making the figure look bigger.
    Anyway, even though there was no discount on those lipsticks that day, I got a few basic shades. I already own 4 or 5 Nabla lipsticks and I think I'll review this silver range only when I finally get all the shades I want (I'm still missing one or two shades, we're pretty close). I got Panta Rei, Beverly, Underground (gosh I hope this one is awesome, it has to be !), Domina and Cosmic Dancer. I really can't wait to try all this out... Do you know the brand Nabla Cosmetics ? Are you attracted by some of their products ?

    So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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