• Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    While I was writing this post...
    I was resting after a long day's walk at the Tate Modern.
    I was chatting with French people who weren't that interested in the Louise Bourgeois exhibition.
    I was thinking of the great makeup I'd gotten that day.

    This post is the result of my first collaboration with Makeup Minéral, the official reseller of Neve Cosmetics in France (if you live in Europe, you can get the products straight off the official Neve Cosmetics website). I think you can understand just how happy I was when Elena told me I was going to get a few products of their Crystal Flawless collection that was to be released soon.
    A few days later, I got five really beautiful brushes home... and I put them aside, impatient to be able to use them - I try to not use any tool or product before I snap pics of them for the blog so it's all pretty, all new when you get to see it. But now, winter is coming (no pun intended) and the lighting outside is really bad so I had no choice but wait for the photo studio I ordered on my birthday (so about three weeks ago...) so I could write about these wonderful brushes. Grrr.

    I'd never tried the Neve Cosmetics brushes before. I did want to get the Aqua Brush Kit and the multicolor brushes too but you know that the first haul I did on the website was full of eyeshadow palettes, don't you... and so their brushes and lipsticks are still on my wishlist...

    I was struck by the beauty of these brushes the first time I saw them - they're so original and chic ! A see-through blue plastic handle, a bronze ferrule and writing the same color as the ferrule, they're really beautiful. They could belong to Ravenclaw, just saying... I love how big the handles are - the brushes are really easy to hold even if the handles are polishes, the only thing I dislike is seeing the my fingerprints on the handles once I'm done using them - that is highly not chic but I guess there's nothing you can do about that.
    Once again, those products were made following Neve Cosmetics' vision - the brushes are vegan, cruelty-free and made with synthetic hairs. I really like that this brand is consistent when it creates new tools and products. Beyond the beauty of these tools, the brushes are fluffy and awesome quality - well-cut, ultra soft, they help apply the makeup in an uniform way and don't retain makeup between their hairs - at least, I can't see it. I got 5 brushes out of the 8 and all I can say is... Wow.


    Diffuse Brush, Crystal Flawless - €15.90
    Powder, Blush or Bronzer.
    I love this Duo-Fibre brush - I don't seem to have any but this one is really wonderful and helps apply the powder makeup perfectly and lightly on my face.

    Shader Brush, Crystal Flawless - €10.90
    Concealer, Highlighter, Contouring products, Eyeshadows.
    The Shader is a blending brush with soft and porous bristles - it's actually one of my favorite brushes (I could say the same thing about the other brushes too...) because it's very precise to apply makeup on my face and it's also perfectly-sized for the crease or the eyelids. I used it to apply the Unicorno highlighter (which is actually an eyeshadow) in my last Fall Vibes look and I loved it ever since.

    Blush Brush, Crystal Flawless - €15.90
    Blush, Bronzer, Powder and Compact Face Products, Highlighter.
    I'm used to using this brush shape with blushes - this one applies the blush very lightly and evenly and doesn't retain any product - it's just perfect. When I finally find a perfect bronzer so I can contour, I will try and work with it too - so if you can recommend a good bronzer... I'm waiting !

    Base Brush, Crystal Flawless - €15.90
    Liquid, Gel or Cream Products : Foundation, Primer, Concealer, Serum, Beauty Masks.
    I didn't have any such brush before I got this one. I'm used to applying my primer, foundation or concealer with my fingers because this way I can control how opaque it gets. Well, I'd been looking for this kind of brush for a while to apply my beauty masks and it does the job perfectly, being so flexible and soft !

    Flat Brush, Crystal Flawless - €15.90
    Loose Powders, Concealer, Mineral Foundations.
    I've been eyeing this kind of flat brush for a while and I was really happy when I saw it in my parcel. I've used it with a liquid foundation (my Max Factor Weightless Foundation I've had for a few days and been in love with ever since I got it) and this brush applied it perfectly - once again, the brush didn't retain any product in its bristles : I tried it, I loved it, I'm so using it over and over.

    To say I'm crazy about these brushes would be a weak word - brushes are just essential when you're a makeup junkie and those are awesome. I love that Neve Cosmetics has intended those brushes to be so versatile and with a great price too for brushes that I'm going to keep using for ages ! If you'd like to get some things from this brand ; you can get all their products with -15% off on the Neve Cosmetics website now ! My decision's made, as soon as my bank account is not looking too bad, I'll get me some more things from Neve Cosmetics ! Do you like these brushes ? Have you ever tried products from this brand ?

    So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    You can totally use these brushes with the following products...

    *These products were sent to me to be reviewed. I didn't pay for them.

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