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    Maybe you haven't liked or followed me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In this case, there's a chance you have missed my latest news, especially the fact that I now work at Sephora. I think I'll post an update of my life post in the days to come so you'll know a bit more about that. Anyway, now that I work at Sephora, I have to wear makeup on every inch of my face - which gives me the chance to see how my makeup does and also try out plenty of new things ; makeup from my own collection as well as makeup sold at Sephora. Lately, I've been wearing Zoeva's Caramel Melange eyeshadows a lot and here I come to tell you all about it, like I promised.

    I remember really well the moment I discovered Zoeva's last two palettes. I was browsing Maquillalia as usual and in the New in section, I saw two eyeshadow palettes I didn't know that cost €22 each, Caramel Melange and Blanc Fusion, next to a Zoeva Box that cost €60. At first I didn't understand why the box was more expensive than the two palettes together until I finally grasped that in was the Cocoa Blend palette too. I clicked, I ordered and a few days later I got them in the mail.

    Caramel Mélange - Warm and Delicious shades...
    Zoeva has prepared a delicious description for each of the three palettes. Caramel Melange is a mix of soft, tawnly butterscotch hues, caramelized, golden crème brulée nuances and warm toffee tones, spiced up by a sprinkle of bronzed cinnamon.

    Almost all the shades are warm-toned and I feel they're on par with fall and winter with a gradient of orange and brownish shades that are all really beautiful.
    When it comes to the pigmentation, when I swatched the first three shades for the first time, I said to myself... mmmh... it has got to be a joke. I was really getting disappointed. The shimmery and metallic shades are really pigmented like the Mixed Metals' but the first three matte shades are really difficult to swatch with my finger so I wasn't sure this was going to be an entirely enthusiast review. Eventually, I thought that I apply my eyeshadows with brushes, not with my fingers and they were bound to be great when applied with brushes. Actually, they're great with brushes : they're really pigmented and blend very well too.

    Swatches - Caramel Melange Palette | Zoeva

    Bottom to Top : Wax Paper, Universal Delight, Aftertaste, 182°C, Liquid Center.

    I especially like Liquid Center and Aftertaste - what I like to do is get Aftertaste in my crease and Liquid Center on my eyelid. I feel the two colors match really well and even though the matte orange shade is difficult to swatch (three times to get that intensity on my arm, same thing with the other two matte shades below it), it's really different when it comes to putting makeup on my lid with a brush.

    Bottom to Top : Alchemy, Start Soft, Finish Sensual, Almost Burnt, Edible Gem.

    I like all the eyeshadows in this row : be they matte or shimmery, they're perfectly pigmented. The first three eyeshadows are matte and creamy, delicious to use and you can see them perfectly well on the eyes. I think there's a gradient feel to the three, from the most neutral brown to the most reddish brown.
    Almost Burnt is an excellent soft golden color and Edible Gem is a very interesting matte color, a color between purple and brown with golden glitter - once again, the pigmentation is pretty amazing for a matte color. This row is absolutely stunning and what you'd expect from Zoeva.

    When it comes to application, I think it's excellent for all the eyeshadows. I'm not quite sure what to think about Wax Paper that I fail to see on my eyelids but I'm crazy about all the others. The eyeshadows are not powdery except Edible Gem : a glittery matte eyeshadow is often powdery...
    They're also really longlasting : lately I've been starting with three or four eyeshadows in my crease and then I realize I've forgotten to put a primer on first so I apply it only on my eyelid before adding my last eyeshadow - it's like an unexpected cut-crease and it all stays put for 9 or 10 hours - that's how long it takes for me to come and go from home to Sephora on my workdays. Even though I think that Blanc Fusion looks better (we'll see if it's as good), Caramel Melange is a success !

    I thought it would be great to show you a look I did with this palette so here's a warm-toned eye makeup with a purple black mouth - I've applied Wax Paper on my eyelid, a mix of matte eyeshadows among which Aftertaste in the crease, Liquid Center on my lid and Almost Burnt in the inner corner, and lastly Edible Gem as an eyeliner and below the lower lashline... and I finished the whole look with my beautiful Wet'n'Wild Megalast lipstick in Vamp It Up... What do you think of this palette ? Are you dead in love with Caramel Melange or do you like Blanc Fusion better ? I want to know everything !

    So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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