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    While I was writing this post...
    I was thinking of the amazing scent coming from my new MAC Vamplify Lipgloss.
    I listened to Twenty One Pilots - House of Gold.
    I was freaking out with the planning of the numerous posts I have coming for you.

    I honestly don't know where I was when the Spectrum collection was released or when the Cocoa Blend palette was released. Oh, I'm so good at missing ZOEVA's new collections... but not this time around ! When I saw that Maquillalia had their latest eyeshadow palettes... 5 minutes later, I received an email saying that the order was placed, congratulations. Let me say this about Maquillalia, they're freakingly efficient and that's one sad situation for my bank account. Whenever a brand releases a new collection, Maquillalia has them online the very same day or the day after.
    So, about these palettes... They're sweetly and greedily named Blanc Fusion and Caramel Melange. You can buy them separately or in a beautiful golden and brown box called Plaisir Box, that also houses the highly coveted Cocoa Blend palette. You know, this palette was so often out of stock that I almost convinced myself that I didn't need it ! Me, Tissam, not needing a palette ?! But... You can never have enough palettes !

    With this post, I thought I could show you the packaging and colors of these three palettes but, friend, this is mere teasing - the reviews are coming soon... I feel these babies each deserve their own review ! I did choose to show you my favorite eyeshadow(s) in each palette... All I have to do left is swatch them to find new faves. Between you and me, I'm starting to have a lot of ZOEVA palettes (well, the only one I'm missing now is the Nude Spectrum palette and... I actually have them all. Thank you, Black Friday !) and a pile of "work" to review them all. Oh, how exciting !

    I think ZOEVA did an amazing job once again - the three palettes' packagings match, all golden notes and chocolate gradient. That was the brand's goal, to remind us of white chocolate, caramel and praline. Special Chocolate bars for the end of the year. I'm a big, big fan of the golden geometric patterns on each palette and I feel they look most beautiful on the Blanc Fusion Palette - which packaging I love the best.

    I think that the Cocoa Blend palette is really nice and I've always been attracted to Warm Notes ever since I first saw it. I feel this cranberry shade can make any eye color attractive...


    At first, I was really into the Caramel Melange palette when I saw this new box on Maquillalia and I'm crazy about Aftertaste, the orange eyeshadow and the wonderful Liquid Center eyeshadow. But while I thought I'd like Caramel Melange better than the other two palettes, my favorite is actually Blanc Fusion : see it for yourself...

    I can't think of anything negative about this palette (well, I haven't swatched it yet to see how well it does) : I'm in love with all of the colors. I love matte eyeshadows more and more and those are pretty nice... but what really strikes me are the three last eyeshadows in the upper row. I just feel like I can't wait to take pictures of these palettes so I can finally swatch the eyeshadows and wear them... What do you think of them ? Is there one among the three you feel like getting ?

    So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    You're gonna love...

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