• Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
    While I was writing this post...
    I was listening to Twenty One Pilots - Ride.
    I was listening to Tracy Chapman - Fast Car.
    I was thinking of trying to move to the Upper East Side.

    Well, well, well, guess who's back... I didn't think I'd leave the blog for that long but I guess I really was tired and lazy last year - this is a new year though and I intend to make it a productive one !

    I don't usually make New Year's resolutions lest I make too many and give up but this year I really want to do things differently, travel to unknown places mostly and that's how my most important resolution is that I'm going on a No-Buy adventure for 3 months. I started that yesterday and that's been pretty easy till now (well, it's technically only been a day) but it's very disturbing because I feel like going on makeup websites and telling myself "Mmmh, I'm going to see if they have that in stock, and that, and that" and then... I remember I've forbidden myself to buy anything.
    Empty Pan or 10 Pan projects would have been too easy - I figured I have so many products and so many reviews I'm late for that I have at least 3 months' time worth of products in my stash - maybe even 6 or more. Well, I didn't go without saying goodbye to some brands since my last paycheck lasted 4 days. That's what I want to fix with this no-buy project : that my bank account doesn't suffer as much and that I can use my money as I want it - my own money.
    Soon enough, you'll see my last hauls at M.A.C., Neve Cosmetics, Sleek, Juvia's Place, Maquillalia and Dazzlize - also I have a lot of hauls on hold like my London haul, my Black Friday hayls, my end of year presents too... I have a lot on my place and you'll know those are things I bought before my no-buy time. I try to avoid makeup websites so I'm not tempted - it's really important to me to get my life back on track and if I see that this project works well, I may very well be in No-Buy periods several times in the year.

    Aside from this no-buy project, I've made the resolution to have no mess at home. I'm the girl who'll take out all her eyeshadow palettes and swatch them at one o'clock in the morning if she can't sleep - and leave them all to be on the floor when she's finally tired. The day after, she is obviously late for work and no one ever puts the things away, and the mess increases... I've started to reorganize my living room and I still have to think of some furniture before I feel perfectly home - that's a great start.

    I won't include to get in shape in my resolutions even if I do think about it merely because that's one of the resolutions that everyone's forgotten by January 15. Eat healthier sure ; that's a way to be healthier myself. I've chosen to have very few resolutions this year so I can keep up to them ! What are your own resolutions this year ?

    So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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