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    While I was writing this post...
    I listened to Céline Dion - Pour que tu m'aimes encore.
    I received my new Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes.
    I listened to Tala - Alchemy.

    I'm so, so late with my Advent Calendar and Christmas presents posts - I guess everyone will have noticed by now. I used to spend my days away from work resting but from now on I'm going to try and spend them writing new posts for the blog so you can read new stuff several times a week.
    I really seldom participate in giveaways on blogs or on YouTube channels but when I do, I win - recently, Claire, the blogger from Claire MakeUp and Co had to find another winner for her Advent Calendar/4 Years-old-blog Giveaway - guess who won... I haven't found the time to publish a post about my Advent Calendar presents the weeks before Christmas ; so I'm showing you today all that I have received in my parcel. I am planning to write a bit about some things I've gotten because I'm really, really happy with them.



    At first I didn't know what was hiding in these little metal boxes until I looked up the names on the Internet : those are David's Tea tea blends - that can only be bought in Canada or in the States. They scent is just plain amazing and I am looking forward to tasting them and writing about them... I've also found a pack of Lindt dark chocolates with cranberry and raspberry and a crispy milk chocolate bar from the brand Galler in my parcel.

    Bodycare and Perfume

    I’m a big fan of body mists and perfumes and I really like both I got, Vanille from Solinotes and Cool & Bright by PINK (Victoria’s Secret), especially the vanilla one which is one of my favorite scents in the world.
    I've also gotten a Bath & Body Works body lotion and a hand gel as well as the Soap & Glory Hand Food cream that I was really eager to try out after reading so much about it online. I've also discovered two Yes To products, a charcoal face mask and cucumber facial wipes, a hairbrush, a bath bomb and a Labello lipbalm, my very first December present.


    I guess there can't be an advent calendar without at least one candle : I've discovered three new scents I all really appreciate : Bath & Body Works' Marshmallow Fireside, Yankee Candle's Christmas Tree and Better Homes' Soft Cashmere Amber. Really, really nice heart-warming scents I'm looking forward to burn and melt while it's still cold outside...


    I'll end this Advent Calendar with my favorite part : the makeup ! I got a Gemey Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe (also known as Tough as Taupe), a Revlon ColorBurst lippie, a My Little Box nail lacquer duo, a Rimmel Exaggerate black eyeliner pencil and the thing I'm most looking forward to trying out ; my first Covergirl mascara in SuperSizer... My favorite makeup products lately are highlighters and mascaras so I'm really happy with all that I got...
    I can't wait to show you also what I got as my end of year presents - birthday and Christmas gifts, because I'm only really, really late... Do you know some of the things I've got ?

    So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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